Jen Vargas, To a Certain Degree

Jen was on the radio talking film and other things!

To a Certain Degree

This episode was recorded on January 30, 2017, on WPRK FM. Listen to the whole conversation in the player above, or click on the links below to go to a specific segment of the show!

FilmSlam doesn’t involve wrestling (unless it’s part of a short film). Mike Nesmith is big into concept albums. And Georgia is making a lot of money off zombies.

These are just a few of the things I learned speaking with Jen Vargas. An Orlando aficionado and filmmaker, she was also a very willing participant in the cinematic special edition director’s cut of Bad Business Ideas™.

Get to know and connect:

0:00 – Getting to know Jen, Year In or Year Out.

3:00 – “I’ve been thinking a lot about this because I like looking smart.”

5:34 – “Zombies are making Georgia a…

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Robin Williams dead at 63

We are saddened by the loss of one of the biggest spirits and natural talents in the industry. Rest in peace, Robin Williams. We will miss you terribly 😦

Film Florida’s 2013 Tallahassee Wrap Up

All industry folk in Florida should attend this final forum at our state’s Capitol building…

Indie Cinema Showcase

Short and Long Term Growth Strategies for Cultivating & Growing Florida’s Entertainment Production Industry

Film, Television, Production & Entertainment Industry Stakeholders Invited

WHEN: Thursday, November 7, 2013


Continental Breakfast will be served

WHERE: The Florida State Capitol Building

300 Monroe Street, 3rd Floor

House of Representatives Majority Conference Room

Tallahassee, FL 32399

This is the last of in a series of Film Florida Forums that have been held across the State.

This presentations was designed to reinforce the value of the entertainment production industries to Florida’s economy, as a job creator and tourism inducer. Compelling case studies and data about the success of Florida’s incentive program will be discussed.

ALSO, please join Film Florida for our presentation directly after the Wrap Up:

11:30am – 12:30pm

The Florida State Capitol Building

300 Monroe Street

House Office Building 102 – Reed Hall

Tallahassee, FL 32399

Your participation at these…

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2013 Orlando 48 Hour Film Project Winners

Indie Cinema Showcase

On Saturday, participants of this year’s 48 Hour Film Project finally found out who won! Team Creative Inlet Films won Best Film with their short, “TechSquad,” which has been gaining steady popularity on YouTube. Tieing more than once with “TechSquad” was “The Grand,” by DM Productions. This all-star team, fronted by ICS alum Dale Metz (Director of “See”), also features fellow ICS alumni, “Broken Triangle” Director, Charles Frisby  and maestress of sfx makeup, Ashli Szymanski. “Another Day” from Team Potato and “Private Eyes” from Team Spark Studios both had strong showings and tied for Best Film Runner-Up – among others – while Team O-Town Posse cleaned up in some of the technical categories. See complete winners list below.  (We were very happy to see more than a few ICS alumni as participants this year!)

Fest Assistant Producer, Christopher LeCours shares, “The 2013 48HFP was a terrific success. Many new teams entered this year, competing against the likes of veteran teams (including Creative Inlet Films, DM Productions, Aviators and…

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Charge It With Fire! FlameStower Turns Your Campfire Into A USB Phone-Charger

2013 Orlando 48 Hour Film Project: And the nominees are…

Indie Cinema Showcase

If you didn’t see last week’s Orlando Weekly cover story by Cameron Meier on the 48 Hour Film Project Orlando, you should check it out! (Side note: Look for some familiar ICS faces and names inside!)

The categories and nominees for this year’s 48 Hour Film Project awards are…

Best Costumes/Wardrobe

  • Another Day-Potato
  • Chixor-ReD Arrow
  • Real Housewives of Superheroes-Ponce Upon A Time Puppets
  • The Wendigo-Team Awesome

Best Choreography

  • Chixor-ReD Arrow
  • LaVenganza-The Presidium

Best Musical Score

  • Another Day-Potato
  • Private Eyes-Spark Studios
  • TechSquad-Creative Inlet Films
  • The Grand-DM Productions

Best SFX & Graphics

  • BFFB-It’s Rendering
  • Chixor-ReD Arrow
  • Rome is Burning-The Ringers
  • TechSquad-Creative Inlet Films
  • The Grand-DM Productions
  • The Wendigo-Team Awesome

Best Use of Dialogue

  • Dateless-Summertime Entertainment
  • Private Eyes-Spark Studios
  • TechSquad-Creative Inlet Films
  • The Grand-DM Productions
  • To Protect and Serve-Makeshift Studios

Best Use of Prop

  • BFFB-It’s Rendering
  • Out To Lunch-Lombard
  • Private Eyes-Spark Studios
  • TechSquad-Creative Inlet Films
  • The Wendigo-Team Awesome

Best Use of Character

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Jen Vargas: Central Florida’s Glassbassador


It’s been almost a month since I received my pair of Google Glass. Interesting only mildly describes my experience.

In the past few weeks I’ve traveled to Minneapolis, San Francisco, Salt Lake City and walked through 3 airports with Glass on. I’ve given hundreds of personal one-on-one Glass demos to friends, family and strangers alike thanks to 33 of the nicest, most generous sponsors IN THE WORLD!

Highlights along the way: I’ve given 2 big presentations to very captive audiences in the Maker Community (Hi FamiLab & Melbourne Makerspace!). I even gave a 2+ hour non-stop impromptu demo to many people (past co-workers, management, store leaders, customers) at the reopening of my former Apple Store location. I was even invited to ride along with Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer last week while awarding community awards for National Night Out!

In short, I’ve done a LOT of cool stuff and have had little time to update. I need to change this. Standby for new stuff…

Hollywood Meets Bollywood via Florida in 2014

Big news from Tampa, FL! Maybe you’ll see ICS there in 2014…?

Indie Cinema Showcase

For the first time in their history, the International Indian Film Academy will debut the 15th Annual Tata Motors IIFA Awards in the United States. What makes this event even more exciting is the fact that the glamour of the GREEN CARPET will be coming to Tampa Bay! According to the official announcement (below) the awards show boasts 800 million viewers globally, in over 110 countries and is anticipated to bring valuable impact to the area. (JenSideNote: I LOVE how active the IIFA is on Social Media!! Facebook, TwitterMirror, Google+ Hangouts, YouTube… awesome!)

Only time will tell the actual numbers of its impact however, Mike Salinero of the Tampa Tribune writes, “The International Indian Film Academy awards ceremony is expected to draw 30,000 visitors to the Tampa area next June and create $100 million in economic impact.” Instrumental in bringing the awards to Tampa and also…

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Local Actor AJ Nickell Needs Your Help

AJ has helped so many local filmmakers with their short films, now it’s time to return the favor. Whatcha say, Central Florida?

Indie Cinema Showcase

How many 16 year old actors do you know that have been accepted into the prestigious Stella Adler Studio of Acting? If you’ve ever worked on a film set in Orlando, you’re guaranteed to know at least one – AJ Nickell! He needs your help to make it to class this summer in New York City. Please consider donating to one or both of his current fundraising campaigns on Piggybackr and GoFundMe.

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Journey to Whirrtopia – Sketchbook Project 2013

Our CEO, Bun, makes an appearance at Sketchbook Project 2013! Check out artist Katharine Miller’s blog below for complete info…